SPE Midwest Multi Caucus Exhibition

Two photographs from my Midwest Sex Shops series will be included in the SPE Midwest Multi Caucus exhibition “On Fruited Plains.” I will be at the opening reception Oct. 1st from 7-9PM and part of a panel of artists discussing the work and exhibit on Saturday, October 3rd at 10-11AM in the Medallion C room of the Seelbach Hilton, 500 South 4th St. Louisville, KY. The exhibit is part of the 2015 SPE Midwest conference. This project was made with support from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.
On Fruited Plains
Schneider Hall, Gallery X and Dario A. Covi Gallery
Exhibition Dates: October 1 – 31, 2015
Opening Reception: October 1, 7:00-9:00 pm
The Midwest is a varied place in terms of geography, culture, people, and viewpoints. Travel in any direction for a couple of hours and you will pass through a myriad of things to bewitch, excite, entice, and sometimes puzzle the eye. Stories, visual poems, and narratives exist everywhere, with some having a history that spans centuries and some that have sprung up recently, like some of the new myths and cultures that are to be found.
This concept of the visual story formed an important part of the juror’s process for this exhibition. While examining the work the jurors looked for works that told the stories of these fruited plains, whether they be old, new, complete, or just beginning. Some stories are more evident than others; some will form differently in each viewer’s eye. But all share a commonality of being borne out of the minds and experiences of the people who see the Midwest uniquely.
The caucuses themselves reflect this melding of the Midwest: its struggles, the small-town life, the rural life, the city life, and the varied backdrops against which these stories are played out. Midwest images are iconic, and they are strong. They are also, like the people and landscapes depicted, hardworking and reflective. They show people who are self-sufficient, yet who also are vulnerable.
It is these stories and images that we are proud to present here.
Jurors: Marivi Ortiz, David Martin, James Kueffner
Artists: Rachael Banks, Michael Borowski, Amanda Breitbach, Garrett Hansen, Julie Jaidinger, Zora Murff, Lee Ann Paynter, Matel Rokke, Alsion Smith, Alyss Vernon, Kevin Warth, Morgan Ford Willingham, Missy Ziebart

Exhibition at Flux Factory, NY

I have an interactive video installation included in the exhibit “Abreaction 3” at Flux Factory this week. The piece is a collaboration between Andrew Murphy, Vaba Bility, and myself. It’s only up for a few days, so if you are in the area I hope you can check it out.
Abreaction 3: Muscle Memory in the Consumption of Food
An exhibition curated by Caroline Partamian
September 24th-26th, 2015
Full Schedule:
·Thursday, September 24th, 6-9 pm: Soft Opening
·Friday, September 25th, 6-10 pm: Opening party & performances by Ariel Abrahams, ChristinaNoel & the Creature, Bonella Holloway, & Katy McCarthy
·Saturday, September 26th, 2-7 pm: Closing reception and 5 pm Artist Talk with Andrew Murphy & Katy McCarthy (more details TBA)
Abreaction is the extraction of memory stored within a muscle, resurfaced through kinetics and physical movement, of which the individual was previously unaware. Muscle Memory in the Consumption of Food continues the Muscle Memory series conceptualized by Caroline Partamian, and invites artists to create a piece that forces the viewer to engage in the their deeply embedded traumatic, comforting, erotic, and grotesque food-related memories. Video, multimedia, and performance works explore the aesthetics of specific foods and the behavior of eating through the senses.
Artists: Ariel Abrahams, Vaba Bility , Michael Borowski, ChristinaNoel & the Creature, Eva Dean, Christian Hendricks, Bonella Holloway, Marguerite Kalhor, Sarah Manuwal, Jamie Mayne, Katy McCarthy, Andrew Murphy, and Netta Sadovsky.
About the curator: Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Caroline Partamian is an independent curator, artist, and chef. Caroline’s exhibitions focus on the theme of kinetic memory and somatics in relation to dance, performance, and other more tangible mediums of art. She also plays guitar in the collaborative psych-punk project SCULLY.
Sponsored by Rippers and Trader Joe’s. 
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