My creative work explores spatial and psychological conditions, particularly in the places I call “home.” My photographic work depicts architectural sites as emotional metaphors. I also design fictional domestic objects, which become props in staged photographs and public interventions. My work is research driven, and I work with various materials and processes. These projects often return to themes of distance, intimacy, the private and the public, social belonging, the familiar, and the foreign, which are both spatial and emotional states. Recently I have been photographing rural towns. Inspired by phrases like “small town values”, I use photography to investigate the visual styles and aesthetics representing that identity.


Metaphors of construction run throughout Michael Borowski's interdisciplinary art practice. He uses photography, installation, and performance to examine how societal values inform the design of urban environments. His projects explore themes of migration, intimacy, queer space, and the blurring of public and private life. Borowski's work has been exhibited in the Louisville Photo Biennial (Louisville, KY), Flux Factory (New York, NY), Prairie Center for the Arts (Peoria, IL), and Espace Projet (Montreal, QC.) His installations have been included in the public art and performance festivals Art in Odd Places and FIGMENT (New York, NY.)  He holds an MFA from the University of Michigan, and a BFA from the University of New Mexico. He currently lives and works in Blacksburg, VA and is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Virginia Tech.